Investigative Division

Criminal Investigations – Investigates major crimes such as homicide, robbery, rape and other felonious type crimes which requires in-depth time consuming functions like interviewing, evidence gathering and suspect development.

Swat – Special Weapons and Tactics Team – This is a highly trained team that is responsible for specialized functions related to resolution of hazardous events that requires above the normal tactics or equipment of normal patrol. Their missions include, but are not limited to, drug raids, high risk warrant service, barricaded suspects, and hostage situations.

Dive Team – Utilized in situations like search and rescue incidents, recovery of persons and evidence that may be related to criminal activity.

Crime Prevention – The goal is to provide for a safer County by preventing and/or reducing crime through community education and through community partnerships. They provide instruction on programs like Neighborhood Watch, and also administer talks on topics to organizations to address their specific interest such as personal safety, home safety, fraud/scams, and many other topics.

Dive Team
        SWAT Team