Detention Division


The Southampton County Jail is a maximum security facility which is rated to house 57 inmates. The Jail is designed to house those persons who are sentenced up to 12 months. Those with longer sentences are housed at the Jail until they are transferred into the Virginia Department of Corrections. It is an all male facility. Female offenders are sent to other facilities that accommodate female offenders.

Jail Farm

The Southampton County Jail Farm is a 100 bed minimum security facility located just outside of the Town of Capron and it houses non-violent male offenders who are eligible to work regular jobs within the community in order to gain the financial means to pay court cost, child support, restitution, and/or send money home to support a family.


The Sheriff’s Office has one individual on staff that provides medical services to the inmates at both the Jail and Jail Farm. The Nurse responds to request for medical treatment by inmates. Minor illnesses or issues are treated at the respective facilities and larger issues may require other medical resources that are available.

Food Services

The person responsible for managing Food Services is tasked with ensuring that both the Jail and Jail Farm are fully stocked with the necessary amounts of food and supplies needed to feed the inmates at both facilities at all times. The task also involves keeping inventory of all items and monitoring different available resources to ensure the most economical purchases of these items.

Work Release

The Work Release program has been effect through the Sheriff’s Office for many years. The inmates who participate in the Work Release Program are located at the Jail Farm facility. These inmates are carefully and thoroughly screened and have met the necessary criteria to work at jobs in the community and other locations. These offenders are all non-violent offenders with a short amount of time left to serve on their sentences.

Detention Staff

  1. S.A. Doyle
    S.A. Doyle
    Detention Division